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No troubleshooting will be provided until ALL the following has been read and followed!
Most issues are fixed by the following list of suggestions. If you still need help after trying those, I will NEED the information at the bottom to troubleshoot, and will not do so until you provide it.

If your problem is related to fleet selection after updating to 101.1.1, please see:

  1. Read the FAQ:
  2. Check the known issues list to make sure your problem isn't listed there:
  3. Try using the search feature in the top right corner
  4. Check the notifications area in the Welcome tab after the problem happens, to see if the bot has more information on it.
  5. Try scanning your fleets again, and make sure they're still entered properly in the Fleets tab.
  6. Try the options in the "Troubleshooting" tab. Try them all. I'd recommend backing up your settings.dat file before trying the last troubleshooting option.
  7. Restart your computer - This really does solve some issues!
  8. Try the beta version. Your issue may have already been addressed there.
  9. Uninstall the bot and re-install it.
  10. Try installing the bot to a different location and test with that fresh copy (if your settings are still there - you did it wrong).

If none of that has helped, please COPY THIS into your post, and fill out the information:

Code: Select all
Operating System:
Server Location:
Bot Version:
Last 5 actions the bot took:
Brief description of problem:

Details on the above info:

Operating System - Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, etc etc.

Server Location - This is found in the "Options" tab.

Bot Version - The build number of the bot you're using. This is found either in the title bar or in the update tab (as "local version").

Last 5 actions the bot took - The last 5 things that the bot did prior to the problem happening. An example would be: "1. Clicked Space Station, 2. Clicked Instance, 3. Clicked Restricted, 4. Clicked ri8, 5. Closed window". May not be required for some issues, use your own judgement, but I may ask.

Brief description of problem - A full sentence or paragraph describing the issue, the steps leading up to the issue, the expected outcome, and the actual outcome. An example would be: "When trying to run a restricted instance, the bot opens the restricted window, selects an instance, but doesn't open the fleet select window. Instead, it just closes the instance window"
Read the FAQ:

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