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Download and setup information

Postby admin » Wed Dec 14, 2011 7:31 pm

I take no responsibility for anything the bot does which you don't like. It WILL dismiss common commanders if needed to recruit again (hopefully for a free uncommon), and it's possible for this to happen sometimes due to lag even if your list isn't full (put gems/chips on ones you want to keep). It shouldn't do anything really drastic (I've been running it for over a year with no problems), but this disclaimer stands, just in case.

You can download the bot here:

When new updates come out, it will detect them automatically and ask if you'd like to auto-update.


Download the installer file, run it and select where you want it to install to. It will probably need to download and install several prerequisites (it will inform you which ones are needed).

If you get any errors when launching, (or if you are afraid of automatic installers), follow the directions for a manual install here:

If you want to run multiple accounts (alts) at the same time, install the bot again for each alt, to a different directory each time. The easiest way to do this is to just download the manual version from the link above, and extract it several times (once for each alt).


Launch GO2Bot.exe.

Move to the "Options" tab at the top, and enter appropriate info. The Gmail section is optional. It's only used to send out an email notification when under attack.

Close the bot, and launch GO2Bot.exe again (or hit the "Restart" button next to the login info).

Make sure your warehouse is in the center of your ground base, and make sure nothing is partially covering it. The bot looks for your warehouse to harvest and know when to move to the space base.

To setup fleets:

  • Name your fleets anything, as long as they each have a different name. Cannot use the same name multiple times. The more unique the name, the better. Some people have issues if their fleet names are quite similar to each other. A good option is to name the fleet after it's commander.
  • Close all open game windows (make sure you're just sitting in ground or space base, nothing open).
  • Click the "Scan Fleets" button at the top, or in the "Fleets" tab. It will open the supply window and flip through pages, recording fleet names.
  • On "Fleets" tab, select a fleet in the "All Fleets" list on the left, and click "Add to Instance" (or just double click the fleet).
  • Click on "Restricted" tab, and repeat the last step to add restricted fleets. Repeat for League, Trials and Constellations.
  • Use the "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons (or use the arrow keys) to select the click order for the fleets.

League only tries to run during the times that league 10 can run. If league doesn't run, make sure your system time, timezone and daylight savings time settings are correct in your date/time control panel.

I think most of the other options are self explanatory, but if you have any questions, just ask.

It automatically refreshes every 2 hours to make sure things are running smoothly. If it's supposed to be running instances, it'll refresh if it hasn't been able to start a new instance in a few minutes (actual time is based on the maximum run time for the instance it's trying to run). It will also reset every 15 instance runs if you can run 15 before the 2 hour timer (this is customizable in options).

Troubleshooting - read the FAQ:
Read the FAQ:

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